Monday, 24 October 2011

Rose Macaroons with White Chocolate Butter Icing

My latest Macaroon attempt was taken from a book called "irresistible macaroons" by Jose Marechal This book is fabulous to look at, the pictures are fantastic. The recipe however, I found pretty tricky.

Jose uses is the Italian Meringue method which basically means lots more work and, more things to screw up along the way. Which I did. I just managed to get it right, but i did a lot of teetering on the edge of disaster all the way. In fact I was surprised when the came out of the oven without a crack in sight. Clearly the Macaroon Gods are looking down on me! ;o)

I don't think the extra blood sweat and tears made any difference to the quality of the Macaroon and therefore I will definitely be going for the easier option, (the recipe I used for my Lavender Macaroons) next time!

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