Saturday, 22 October 2011

I ate the Bacon Sandwich!!!!

After watching the debut of River Cottage Veg Every Day (view Tuesday Oct 18th Blog), I was left hankering after a Bacon Butty. So at first light this morning, I got to work using Paul Hollywoods Iced Finger recipe for the dough. I made these last weekend and thought that the recipe would be great for a regular roll. I used half the recipe to get 6 rolls. When putting it together, I used only 10g (rather than 50g) of the recommended sugar, and hey presto, 6 of the softest fluffiest rolls imaginable. Then a la Hugh, fried off Bacon (Provigo's finest Irish Bacon, which is not quite the farmers from down the road, but not a bad substitute!). With a good spread of butter they were ready, and devoured before I had a chance to even finishing making the tea. Delish, ahhhh am feeling very contented at the moment!  ;o)!/


  1. Great blog, Dorothy! Just thought I'd let you know that Westmount Butcher, on Sherbrooke between Marlowe and Northcliffe) has GREAT bacon, made by their guy-who-makes-everything-smoked-and-cured. Not overly salty like commercial bacon, and it doesn't all disappear when you cook it, either!