Monday, 21 November 2011


This week I had a try at profiteroles. I wanted something that I could freeze and have recently read somewhere that they're even better after freezing (I also used to love eating the frozen ones out of the freezer in a restaurant I once worked in. Not to be knocked till tried, they're actually quite tasty!).

So I tried Delia's choux recipe first, I was expecting great things really. She's been around a long time now so I thought I could do no wrong. How wrong could I be. I followed the recipe precisely, even getting out my digital scales. They were a bit of a disaster. The mixture was too runny so I added more flour. This did the trick. I placed my greased baking sheet under cold water before spooning on the profiteroles as stated, and they all stuck, agh!!!

I then tried Nigella's recipe. Yes she really is a domestic goddess. They turned out really well. Hooray for Nigella! :0P

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  1. Great stuff dot. Haven't looked at blog for a while. Lovely recipes indeed. Wondering what restaurant had the frozen profiteroles!! Was just watching Jamie Oliver on channel 4. Very good. You should check it out if you haven't already. Hope your family are all very well. lucy xx