Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Flour Free Chocolate Roulade

Last night I was feeling like I needed a bit of a Chocolate hit, after another restless night with my teething baby. I decided that a Chocolate Roulade was the way to go. After looking up Mary Berry's recipe, I discovered that I was 1oz short of Chocolate. I decided that I'd use an ounce less of sugar and because the Canadian large eggs seem to be generally smaller than their European counterparts it would all work out in the end.
It all came together quite well, though I felt that the Egg, Sugar and Chocolate mix was a bit stiff, (like the Chocolate was beginning to solidify again) but I carried on and when the mix was going into the oven I was quite pleased with it.
It was only then that I scrolled down to the last bit that I discovered that, my Chocolate hit had to cool down for several hours, overnight if possible, Aaagh! After 23min in the oven at 350F it felt quite firm and I took it out, 2 hours later (I couldn't stop looking at it, just on the off chance that it would be ready to finish and be tasted before bed!!!) the top seemed quite sticky, firm, but sticky. So I decided that I was not willing to wait until the morning to have to re-cook it and wait several more frustrating hours, and back in it went for another 20 min.
So by this morning I really was not holding out much hope, and after dropping off my toddler to playschool and putting my baby down for her nap, I was back on "Choc hit Disaster" project. I turned it out on Icing, filled it with cream, rolled it up and what do ya know, it worked much to my amazement. Not only did it work, but it tastes very yummy too. So my Chocolate hit was an absolute success in the end, if several hours late! ;0)


  1. What's with these bloody teeth??? They're going to loose them anyway... Your chocolate looks delicious, wouldn't have minded to have a taste. xxx

  2. Woo hoo!!! (I finally found your blog).

    This looks yummylicious :) XXX

  3. God that looks yummy. Feeling a bit peckish so thought I'd browse your blog just to rub it in a bit more. I have homemade banana muffins with me at work but forgot the sugar and burnt the bottom of them, not quite the domestic godess! Wish I had that chocolate roulade instead.

  4. Made yummy one's yesterday with a toffee topping, will post them some day soon. Had a totally rubish day in the kitchen today myself. Nothing going to plan. Not feeling like much of a domestic godess myself at the moment! :0(