Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Paul Hollywoods Iced Fingers

For anyone who has not had the delight of an iced finger, these are similar to a fresh, very soft and slightly sweet hot dog bun, filled with fresh whipped cream and a squirt of strawberry jam and topped with thick layer of icing. What's not to like!  :o)
These little beauties were my attempt at, Paul Hollywoods recipe, from The Great British Bake Off and I must say I was very happy with them. The only problem being that, because they were soooo tasty, I ate way more of them than I should.
I used half the recipe stated (as I'm constantly making way too much of everything!). They really were a great success. I used an 8g sachet of fast acting yeast, as this is what I had in the cupboard. And I ended up with 6 big fingers. It's so nice to get a recipe that works.
The only tricky moments for me was kneading the dough as it was very sticky, but it did come together in the end. They were also quite big, but hey you can't get too much of a good thing right?


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