Thursday, 14 February 2013

Rose Scented Raw Chocolate

I absolutely love chocolate, so when I discovered that it was possible to make with a meagre three ingredients I had to give it a go. Admittedly it took me a while to locate the cocoa butter, but the other two ingredients, dates and cocoa powder can be found in most supermarkets.
I have to say though this recipe sounds like it could be thrown together in a matter of minutes it took me quite a while. The main problem was the dates, they are so difficult to process and after filling the kitchen sink with sticky mini and major food processing bowls, chopping boards and forks, I finally had my pureed dates. The next difficulty was folding them into the wet chocolate mixture, eventually, after more messy bowls and appliances I stuck the lot in a zip lock bag and mushed it together with my hands. I then left it to partially solidify in the bag before rolling out between two pieces of grease proof paper, before cutting.

I hope I'm not completely putting people off making this, but I do think you may as well know the difficulties before getting stuck in. Next time I'm going to try to buy the dates all ready processed. This would save a world of time and trouble. Or alternatively buy extremely soft dates, I thought mine were pretty soft but judging the trouble I had, they can't have been nearly soft enough.
The Chocolate is delicious however, plus it is a guilt free alternative, been sugar free!


  1. Hi, Dorothy. I've had a look at the link and see they use dates. Did you substitute figs for dates?

  2. You are right Christine, I had actually initially put Figs, but it is indeed dates needed for this recipe. You've got me thinking though and I'm wondering how prunes would work. The dates are so messy but I'd say they might not be sweet enough. Thanks for alerting my attention to my error!