Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Biscuiteers Biscuits

I treated myself to the "BISCUITEERS BOOK OF ICED BISCUITS" over the Christmas. I decided that biscuits would be the first thing to grace the pages of my very badly neglected blog, in 2013! The book is fab, with brilliant ideas of biscuits, for every occasion. The one little drawback that became clear is, if you only want a small quantity of biscuits you don't need lots of icing, so making a lot of different colours for both flooding and piping becomes quite the ordeal with lots of washing up to do after. I'm going to have to have a biscuit icing afternoon with some friends, that way we could make large quantitys of everything, so we could let the creative juices flow and basically go mad with the icing. Plus I'd have help with all the cleaning up after, bonus!

Above is my first foray into the world of iced biscuits. Below is their web site, just to get a taste of what the book contains. Who wants to be a Biscuiteer, I know I do! Lol


  1. I can fully vouch that these are super yummy! having been given some from Dorothy for my birthday and consumed them very quickly indeed!

  2. Great to see you back on the blog - I missed you! Christine

  3. Thank you Charlotte, I'm glad you enjoyed them. It's good to be back Christine, thanks for the message, love to all!